Ugly - Autograph 12"

by Ugly

NOW YOU WILL BE BROKEN. This is the epitaph that Prescott Arizona’s repugnant quartet UGLY preaches with every ounce of boiling vitriol. The sounds are falling bombs and the words are the aftermath of a desiccated, burned out world unknown. Everything about this music comes from a painful place. Conceived in August of 2016, the group set out with one mission in mind, to make a sonic backdrop that reflects the current state of the world as they interpret it. The reality we cohabit is cruel, devious and relentless. An insatiable killer that we elect daily to guide us anew on a path of modern day barbarism. We all play our part to make it so… And It seemed fitting that the music reflect the sentiment.
Taking conceptual queues from bands like SWANS, DYSTOPIA and NOOTHGRUSH and adding musical complexity and depth to arrive at something disgusting all its own UGLY has crafted their sound to be melodic, looming and horrific. Ugly builds a tonal environment that is at times, angelic… just long enough to win your trust; then tries to kill you by dragging you to the depths with primal, flesh-upon-gear, rhythmic upheaval of any notion of good faith and well being.
Early works such as 2017’s debut “Butcher” Demo (self released) were rudimentary by design to focus the narrative on the message of our mutual day-in-day-out bitter contempt for one another. The music often is very repetitious and mechanical to symbolize the every personevery day grind that wears us more and more into nothing. As time went on and more gigs helped to hone the motif, the music became more moody and melodic. 2018”s “WALL” EP (Bloody Scythe Records, Rotten To The Core Records) is the first instance of the inevitable dynamic shift. The songs found here are more of a journey through different aspects of emotion, both mystifying and brutal. These songs expand on our infinite capacity of self imploding obduracy.
Another year’s worth of multi state tours and time shaping the current theme and it was back to the studio again, this time with the mighty Greg Wilkinson (BRAINOIL, DEATHGRAVE, AUTOPSY) at the controls in the prestigious Earhammer Studio in Oakland California to record the first full length, 2019’s “Betrayal” (To Live A Lie Records). This capture is the sludge laden odyssey that finds Ugly at its most experimental and devastating. The songs are 5 pain filled journeys of grief, self loathing and savage fury focusing on the ways we betray our bodies, our loved ones and our own destiny. A very successful west coast tour followed and as we crept into the darkness of the 2020 world wide lockdown, the sources of inspiration from new profound suffering never extinguished. Now it is 2022 and our world once again looks darker today than ever. A song extending the feelings of current affairs called “Grateful” was recorded for a split 7” with Las Vegas HC power trio LIFE’S TORMENT (Panic Inc. Records, Deep Six Records, Wise Grinds Records, Running In Place Records). The band has found its home in that cross section of emotions that is simultaneously tender, visceral, calloused and brooding.
With this release in the roster, it would be prophetically accurate to say that another full length is on its way. 2023 will see the release of the Sophomore full length release entitled “Autograph” (Satanik Royalty Records) Ugly’s most refined, progressive and abysmal contribution to date. “Autograph” focuses the theme on deep seated illusions of vanity, acceptance, and fanatical egocentric ideology that blights human beings to the core. This music is the culmination of thoughts and feelings left out in all that cold and darkness too long. We all love a little self sabotage, don’t we? Come get your daily dose of deprivation. Just turn on your stereo and listen for the answers…