Old Iron / Verdun - Split 12" Gatefold

by Old Iron

OLD IRON aspires to weave sprawling psychedelic sludge tapestries. Jerad Shealey(The Helm, Heiress) and Jesse Roberts (Sandrider, Kid Congo Powers, The Ruby Doe) started writing music with original drummer Brandon Ramses during 2011 with the goal of getting loud, heavy, and weird. Later that year their first self-released full length Cordyceps (2012) was recorded in Jesse’s basement. Current drummer, Trent McIntyre joined the ranks soon after. With Trent in the equation their second record came into focus. With Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Botch) at the engineering helm, Lupus Metallorum (2016) was recorded at The Red Room in Seattle WA and released on Good to Die records in 2016.

Jesse crossed paths with Florien of Verdun while touring with Kid Congo Powers and a lasting friendship was born. They kept in touch and eventually the idea of a split came up and the rest is history. Old Iron recorded their side of the split with Nick Wilbur at Anacortes Unknown and once again enlisted the mixing skills of Matt Bayles to bring everything into focus. Verdun recorded their side with Cyrille Gachet at Chicken Coop Studio. The split 12” is scheduled to be released October 5th on Satanik Royalty Records.