Miasmatic Necrosis - Apex Profane cassette



I. Of sacrilegious maladies…
Corpus est templum. The body is a temple. For most, veneration ends upon death. But as its pews and rafters rot, others gather in the prosectorium to bear witness to the esoteric rites within: The ultimate alchemy of life into death. The cadaver taking communion from itself in the eucharistic ouroboros of autolysis. Innards splayed on the gleaming altar of a steel gurney, awaiting the divinations of the haruspex.

II. …and saprogenic liturgies
Thus, in reverent genuflection, is offered a series of sermons, purulent parables of pathology to illuminate the sacrament of suppuration, the liturgies of liquefaction, the eternal, inevitable transcendence of decomposition. An aspergillum to anoint the faithful with the effluvia of endogenous mysteries.

III. Apex profane
Ergo, MIASMATIC NECROSIS, Apex Profane. Twenty-one hymns of deathgrinding gore worship in the classic, death metal-inspired style of Carcass, Regurgitate and Dead Infection. Instruments are calibrated to bowel-loosening timbres, yet sharp and precise as scalpels. A choir of pitchshifted pontifications and puked-up low vocals preach putrid gospels in relentless triumvirate. Sure to leave devotees of goregrind and brutal death metal in ecstatic reverie, Apex Profane shall be revealed to the faithful on October 31st, 2020 on Goatgrind Records (CD/Spotify/iTunes) and P2 (vinyl). Corpus est templum, coinquinaverunt sabbatum.