Grotesqueries - Vile Crematory Jewel Case CD


Put out by Caligari Records.
GROTESQUERIES is a solo endeavor of prolific drummer Yianni Tranxidis, whose credits include Black Mass, Rozamov, and Garroted among others. The idea for GROTESQUERIES spawned sometime in 2020, as Tranxidis drew together influences from Gorguts, Carcass, Dismember, and Morbid Angel and endeavored to create a band with intense lyrical themes - and the music to back it up.

"As a lover of true crime, horror movies, and extreme music," he explains, "I felt like I had the perfect ingredients to fuel my imagination to create a death metal band I always wanted to create, with the creative vision entirely under my control. I love deep lyrical themes that excite me, that when reading, can make you easily envision the terror I aim to portray upon the listener."