Ecocide - Metamorphosis Cassette


Their 2013 debut album, Eye of Wicked Sight, saw the band shift their initial thrash metal sound into old-school death metal, taking the Floridian brand of Death, Obituary, and Massacre, adding some Swedish inspiration in the vein of Entombed, Grave, and Unleashed, pouring some Bolt Thrower heaviness, some Pestilence greatness, and throwing in an additional touch of thrash metal àla Slayer for a real homage to the golden days of yore, when death metal was memorable and riff-oriented to the hilt. Now, at long last is that comeback already ready, fittingly titled Metamorphosis. Indeed, it’s been a full decade since their debut album, but Ecocide prove that album #2 could’ve followed swiftly after the first: the band stick to their guns, and totally solidify their transformation into old-school death metal par excellence.