Druid Lord / Anatomia - Split 7”

$15.00 / Sold Out

Put out by Me Saco Un Ojo on Black vinyl.

Joining forces are 2 of the strongest forces in Death-Doom Metal… Florida’s DRUID LORD and Japan’s ANATOMIA have teamed up to create a 7” slab of morbid horrors. Opening things is DRUID LORD whose slow, blundering riffs conjure pure terror with spectral lead guitars and monstrous drumming, opening a chasm of titanic death. Their music and vocal combination takes you into a Hammer-Horror style cacophony of all things creepy with a truly supernatural atmosphere. Tying together old school Death Metal with those kind of massive riffs Candlemass perfected, there is no escaping the brooding mood of the opening track in all of its suffocating glory. There is a raw, thunderous brutality that is packed with action as their 6 minute track shows plenty of dynamics with plenty of groove to get you into the state “Beyond Putrefaction”.

ANATOMIA slow things down even further, so prepare for a crawl through rotten viscera as those daunting vocals and monoliths of sludgy guitars liquefy your insides. Chiming cymbals delicately sit atop bottomless pits of dangerously doomy riffing that spews from the speakers and give testimony to ANATOMIA being one of the most disgustingly heavy bands ever to exist. Puking vocals accompany their septic soundscapes which naturally fit the music like a dead skin mask. If any of your living tissue survived the onslaught of DRUID LORD, these Japanese veterans of vulgarity will reduce those last fragments of body to mulch. Reverberate, cavernous and yet unrestful and ensnaring, there is no escaping the charges of brutality and chasms of doom that ANATOMIA present so revoltingly before you…

In summary, this is one of those glorious split releases that feels complete rather than knocked together effortlessly. Two fitting artists bringing out each others most noxious, odious qualities in the form of an old school 7”. Buy it now! Unless you can’t handle a disgorge of pure Death-Doom magnificence.