Dripping Decay - Ripping Remains (Brazilian import) Jewel Case CD

by Dripping Decay

Brazilian import from Old Shadows Records.
Hot on the heels of blistering debut album ‘Festering Grotesqueries,’ Portland death/grind quartet Dripping Decay spew forth the ‘Ripping Remains’ EP, a six-song concatenation of casket-crushing brutality! Unwilling to rest on their laurels while waiting for ‘Festering Grotesqueries’ to be released, vocalist Eric Stucke, guitarist “Maniac” Neil Smith, bassist Jackson Jordan and drummer Jason “The Machine” Borton spent the summer of 2023 crafting ‘Ripping Remains,’ which sees the band mesh their trademark blend of Repulsion, Autopsy and Terrorizer with facets of thrash and grindcore both new and old. The result is a fast and furious yet well-rounded listen, proving the bands’ technical prowess without sacrificing mosh-worthy hooks and moments of crawling, ominous dirge. Tracked in the familiar confines of Portland’s legendary Falcon Studios, ‘Ripping Remains’ was put to tape by Dripping Decay’s unofficial fifth member Derek Leisy, who also assumes mixing duties after the retirement of ‘Festering Grotesqueries’ mixing engineer Vincent Detto. Leisy lends a more vicious, grind-centric edge to the proceedings, contrasting the grotesque, gut-punch production of the full-length with a sharp slice of the metal-phoric scalpel, proving himself more than worthy of the producer’s role. Mastering engineer extraordinaire Dan Lowndes, alumnus of both previous Dripping Decay releases, returns to round out the recording, which also features a guest vocal appearance by August “Gurge” Ivanoff (Lord Gore) and a rightfully ‘ripping’ cover of “Trick or Treat,” originally penned by Detroit speed metal legends Halloween. ‘Ripping Remains’ will be released on January 26th via Satanik Royalty Records.