Deiquisitor - Apotheosis Jewel Case CD


Time flies, when you’re having fun. Right? ‘Apotheosis’ is already the fourth full-length album for Deiquisitor, one the flagships of the Danish thriving Death Metal scene. 2023 marks the year of the band’s 10th anniversary and besides these four full-length albums, the band released an impressive slew of different short players, in the form of various demos and EP’s, making this latest offering their 14th release in total.

Being this prolific allowed them to further perfect their brand of Death Metal with each individual release, but from their very start it was already clear that these guys were no noobies in extreme metal to begin with. The trio that makes Deiquisitor are or were found in the line-ups of a rather interesting range of Danish metal’s extremities such as Sadomator, Wolfs Lair, Ogdru Jahad, Blodfest, Fallen Angel and Angantyr. And that wide range of experience is felt throughout all of Deiquisitor’s music. Mostly feeding on US-styled Death Metal, it has a distinct chaotic and slightly blackened vibe that echoes just a bit of those Sadomator and Ogdru Jahad days. Yet, the band’s firm Death Metal foundation still remains their trademark sound, much different from many of their compatriots, they never went for those big, chunky and bellowing walls of blubbery sound, like the ultimate trailblazers of Danish Death Metal, Undergang. Instead they opted for a sound that had so much more to do with blending both the debut albums of Malevolent Creation as well as Immolation with addition of a bit of that genre-crossing ambience that might bring early Imprecation to mind.

The band never changed course and are still moving forward, not to push any boundaries or pretending to be inventive and not with the illusion that they are presenting you with anything that hasn’t been done about a few hundred times before. Instead, they have a clear aim to crank out some solid Death Metal that has a strong bite to it as well as a genuinely vile intent. Taking all this in consideration, I think it is fair to say that ‘Apotheosis’ is the band’s best effort to date and further solidified their name as one of the best Danish Death Metal bands of that so much beloved scene.

If you liked their more crude and raw approach to the genre, their wild frantic frenzied bursts and their slightly technical twisted riffs before, then this new album is sure not to disappoint, as Deiquisitor has again stepped up the quality of their impressive output by further refining and perfecting their craft.