Besotten/Funerelic - Abyssal Synodality Split Jewel Case CD

by Besotten and Funerelic

Two of Portland, OR’s vilest entities unite to unleash “Abyssal Synodality”: a joint katabasis through the realm of the dead to unlock the secrets of spiritual enlightenment — or eternal torment. These four ruinous tracks drag the listener to the depths for a ritual of self sacrifice and inner understanding. Besotten opens this exploration with two slabs of ripping death and ethereal doom that embrace the call of the void within. Funerelic leads the synodality onward with a heavy dose of chaos and equally atmospheric hymns of iniquitous death worship. “Abyssal Synodality” takes your soul on a cryptic journey like none before as these two emerging acts join forces to traverse the unknown — bringing forth a monumental record of TOTAL NORTHWEST DEATH.