Dark Meditation

“Reverb-packed, glam-laced heavy metal that oozes the rough ‘n’ ready blackened sleaze of Venom, but also packing a gloomy atmosphere that draws from metal’s later iterations. If that sounds like a lot of different elements hybridized together, it is, but it works great as a whole. Especially given that it’s a demo being released on cassette, it’s also frankly indistinguishable sonically from something released thirty years ago – no small fear!”
- Ted Nubel (Invisible Oranges)

Formed in 2017, Dark Meditation plays a deadly brew of classic heavy metal by way of first wave black metal, infused with the gloomy atmospherics of death rock. If Samhain and Wasp fought on the Sunset Strip while Venom cheered them on, Dark Meditation would be the bastard result.

With a lineup of long time Seattle music scene vets (including members of Emeralds, Wildildlife, Occult SS/OSS and R.I.P.) Dark Meditation will make their debut on Satanik Royalty Records in late 2021.

Photos by Adam Vick and Rob Hanna.